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Marne air is now Dometic

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ᐅ Marine Air is now sold under the brand name Dometic.

Marine Air began building Marine Air Conditioners for boats in 1977. Acquired by Dometic from Taylor Made Corporation in 2003, Dometic Marine Air - Marine Air is an important part of the Dometic brand portfolio.

Marine Air Systems History - Marine Air Systems originated in the garage of Mason Heydt.

Marine Air Systems became an affiliate of Taylor Made in 1977.

This partnership gave MAS access to enormous resources for product research and development. 

As a result of this partnership, in the early 80's the company revolutionized the industry with a self-contained ductable Marine Air Conditioner which became the cornerstone for the company. 

Marine Air Systems | Parts | Dometic Marine Air Parts

Marine Air Systems | Dometic Marine Air | Marine Air Parts

circuit board

Marine Air Systems Parts | Marine Air Passport I/O Keypad | Marine Air Passport I/O Circuit board

Replacement Marine Air Systems | Parts for the popular Passport I/O Series Electronics Platform used in Marine Air Systems AC units and Dometic Marine Air units.


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Retrofit Kits are Available for discontinued Marine Air Systems Circuit Boards and Keypads.

2 YEAR Warranty on all of our Parts! (Except pumps have 1 Year)

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Marine Air Turbo - Dometic Marine Air Turbo - Now Re-Branded to Dometic Turbo DTU.

Dometic Turbo DTU

Dometic Turbo DTU

Dometic Turbo DTU Marine Air Conditioner - Replacement for Marine Air Systems VTD, VCD, VCP, VRP, VHE, VHT, VRX units. VTD was the most Popular Dometic Marine Air 16000 btu unit.
The Dometic Turbo DTU Self Contained Marine Air Conditioner completely revolutionized cooling and heating with the newest innovations in air conditioning system design.
The rust-free molded composite drain pan has three drains for the rapid removal of condensate water.
An advanced cushioning system results in quieter, virtually vibration-free operation.
Dometic Turbo DTU Marine Air Conditioners are direct replacements for VTD Dometic Marine air - Marine Air vector turbo units.
The Dometic Turbo DTU series was recently re-engineered to harness and maximize the impressive performance of R-410A Refrigerant.
R-410A is proven, reliable, and complies with all EPA standards and is accepted world wide.

Marine Air - Marine Air Systems - Now Dometic - CSD Series Split System Condensing Units.

Dometic CSD

Dometic CSD

The Dometic CSD condensing unit - Developed by Marine Air Systems - Marine Air Conditioner provides heating and cooling for boats in a highly efficient package.
The hermetically sealed, high-efficiency compressor reduces amp draw while pressure switches, thermal-overload, and start components provide constant system protection and proper operation.
In addition, the expansion device and check-valve assemblies control load balancing during operation.
The copper-encased cupronickel condenser coils are highly resistant to corrosion caused by continuous seawater flow.
The symmetrical base design provides optimum space efficiency and installation flexibility for easy handling and positioning of the unit.
A built-in hose barb aids in complete condensate removal from the drain pan.
Two sets of vibration isolators ensure quiet operation.
The electrical box can be mounted remotely.
It has a moisture-resistant design with a corrosion-resistant enclosure. Dometic Marine Air