Dometic Marine Air Conditioners

Dometic ECD Self Contained Marine Air Conditioner with Keypad, Cable and Duct ring

dometic ecd

ECD Dometic Marine Air Conditioners- Designed as a DIY Replacement, value-priced Marine Air Conditioner.

Replacement for Marine air VCD, VCP, and VRP. 

Also Cruisair Units SXR, SXF - with additional adaptor Plate purchase to use existing keypad cut out.


  • High-velocity, rotatable blower for horizontal or vertical installation
  • Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Easy to use Dometic digital control and display
  • Plastic remote electrical box for convenience in mounting
  • Stainless-steel drain pan

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Dometic Turbo DTU - Self Contained Marine Air Conditioner - R410A

dometic turbo

Direct Replacement for CRUISAIR & MARINE AIR Units:  STX , STQ, and VTD.

Works with Cruisair Smxir, SmxIIab, Smxht and Q Keypads. Also works with Marine Air Passport I/O keypad.

Turbo - Dometic Marine Air Conditioning! Powerful, Quiet & Compact With No Drain Pan Worries The Dometic Turbo series completely revolutionized self-contained boat air conditioning with patented innovations in marine air conditioning system design, winning the IBEX Innovation Award.

The rust-free molded composite drain pan has three drains for the rapid removal of condensate water.

A vibration-isolation mounting system results in significantly quieter, virtually vibration-free performance.

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DOMETIC DCU Self Contained Marine Air Conditioner - 18,000 and 27,000 BTUS - R410A

Dometic DCU

All DCU Dometic Marine Air Conditioners offer direct expansion operation in a compact, low-profile unit, with a seawater-cooled condenser and choice of controls.

Dometic Marine Air conditioning units are designed for installation under a settee or berth, in a locker or cabinet, or other convenient location. Compact systems feature high-velocity (HV) blowers. 

All  blowers are insulated to prevent secondary condensation, and are fully rotatable  for flexibility during installation.

A stainless-steel chassis is standard on all Compact models.

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The Dometic RX Condenser - R417A, R-22

dometic RX

The Dometic RX Condenser is a Replacement for Cruisair RX and FX units.

The Dometic RX Condenser can be installed with up to two Dometic cooling units, where the total capacity is equal to the condensing unit capacity.

In the cooling mode, full performance is available in seawater up to 90 °F/32 °C. In reverse-cycle heating, the unit will provide heat in seawater as low as 40 °F/4.4 °C. 

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Dometic CSD Condensing Unit - R417A, R-22

dometic csd condensing unit

The Dometic CSD Condensing Unit is a drop in Replacement for Marine Air CSD units.

It Provides heating and cooling in a highly efficient package.

The hermetically sealed, high-efficiency compressor reduces  amp draw while pressure switches, thermal-overload, and start components provide  constant system protection and reliable operation.

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Dometic CHC Chiller Unit

dometic chc chiller

The Dometic CHC compact chiller is ideal for larger boats in the 45-70 ft/15-20 m range.

The innovative, space-saving compact base of the Chiller Compact was designed for individual modules to be joined together into one larger system to provide precise capacity requirements for any need. 

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Dometic Emerald DEU R410A

dometic emerald deu

This condenser has reversing valve, pressure switches, and service ports centrally located for easy maintenance access from any side. Vibration-isolating compressor mounting system reduces noise and vibration. Pair this with a Dometic Emerald TurboVap R-410A evaporator. 

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Dometic TVE Evap R410A

tve evap

Marine Evaporators For R410A

Based on the innovative engineering advancements of the award-winning Dometic Turbo self-contained air conditioning system, the Dometic TurboVap has an enclosed blower motor, improved noise reduction, and easily rotated blowers. It offers improved installation ease and flexibility. 

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Dometic TV Evap R417A or R-22

tv evap

The Dometic Evap (TV) direct expansion (DX) split-gas evaporator is based on the innovative engineering advancements of the award-winning Dometic Turbo selfcontained air conditioning system. TV units work with Dometic RX R-417A and R-22 condensing units. 

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