Cruisair SMXir | Cruisair SMX II | Marine Air Passport I/O

SMXir display

Cruisair SMXir Display - Keypad - Specifically designed for the marine environment. $199 - Free Ship

The Cruisair SMXir Display Keypad with 3/4 door has an attractive, compact housing with easy surface-mount installation. A Hand Held Remote control is an Option. A large, easy-to-read LED shows cabin temperature, set point, programming prompts, and fault code warnings, and small LEDs and backlit text indicate system status. Under a decorative hinged door is the familiar SMX II 10-button arrangement with clearly labeled keys for single-keystroke operation.  An optional infrared remote control is available that allows system adjustments with added convenience.

  • SMX II microprocessor control systems allow users to easily manage operation features
  • Automatic or manual fan-speed selection
  • Memory function retains custom settings in the event of power loss
  • Automatic shutdown for low-pressure, high-pressure, and low-voltage faults
  • Inside temperature display

Cruisair SMXII Keypad

Cruisair SMXII Keypad

SMXIIAB, SMX II AB Display - Keypad $199 Free Shipping

Cruisair SMX II Keypad Display - also called SMXIIab, SMX II ab, has a noncorrosive ABS cover and soft - touch membrane switches. (Cover Sold Separately) 

Works with the  Cruisair® SMX II Circuit boards.

The large, easy-to-read digital display shows setpoint or cabin temperature and also is used to give information on operating parameters and fault code warnings.

The user can select cooling only, heating only, or automatic changeover between cooling and heating.

Fan speed is automatically controlled, or can be manually set. 

The system's nonvolatile memory retains all user-programmed settings, even when the power is switched off.

The dehumidification program ensures, even when no one is aboard, the boat stays dry, eliminating mold, mildew and odor.  

Marine Air Passport I/O Keypad Display

Marine Air Passport I/O Keypad

Marine Air Passport I/O Keypad Display - Marine Air Systems Controls.

The Marine Air Passport I/O Keypad Display is a microprocessor based controller, designed for the precise control and monitoring of direct expansion and chilled water boat air conditioning systems for Marine Air. The assembly has a ground shield to protect against static interference and RF noise.The circuit board is conformally coated to provide high resistance to external damage or corrosion.
Key Benefits

  • Automatic humidity control reduces moisture when the boat is unattended
  • Cool-only, heat-only, dehumidy, and automatic mode selection
  • Automatic or manual fan-speed selection
  • Cycle fan with compressor or continuous fan operation
  • Calibration of fan-speed settings and temp display for precise control
  • Compressor fail-safe protection
  • Programmable de-icing cycle
  • Built-in air sensor
  • Optional remote air sensor
  • Low voltage for optimum safety

Elite Keypad

elite keypad

Marine Air Systems Elite Display / Keypad - Marine Air Systems Controls.

The Elite keypad/display is a microprocessor-based controller designed for the precise control and monitoring of split and self-contained direct expansion air conditioning systems from Marine Air.

The control can also be used with chilled-water air handlers and is called the AH-Elite in that application.

The control operates at 115 or 230 Volts, each operable at 50 or 60 cycles. The Elite keypad/display has a sleek, modern Euro design.

Elite Keypad Replacement with WIFI


Elite Keypad Replacement with WIFI - Compatible with Marine Air A/C Units

EasyTouch™ OEM W/Optional WIFI Control Display 

(8-Pin)  - COLOR Touch Screen! 

Use Your Smartphone to Manage Your Marine Thermostat via WiFi, on or off the boat.

Compatible with Marine Air A/C Units with the Passport I/O Circuit Board.

Also Compatible with the Dometic U circuit board.

Bezel Sold Separately. 

Only works with Dometic/Marine Air 8-Pin Display Cable.

EasyTouch 6-Pin Compatible with Crusair A/C Units

Cruisair Color Touch screen

Color Touch Screen for Cruisair units


EasyTouch™ Control Display (6-Pin) Compatible with Crusair A/C Units. COLOR Touch Screen!

Replacement for Cruisair SMXht and Qht Display's.

(Bezel Sold Separately). 

Only works with Dometic/Cruisair 6-Pin CXP Cable.  

Works automatically via auto-detection with A-281, A-288, MAQ, and equivalent OEM control boards 

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The most common keypads are - Cruisair SMXir | Cruisair SMX II | Marine Air Passport I/O and Elite.