Cruisair Dealer since 2004 - Cruisair Marine Air Conditioners.

Cruisair is now Dometic

Cruisair Marine Air Conditioners - Replaced by Dometic

Cruisair® Marine Air Conditioners - Self Contained, Split Gas, Chill Water Re-Branded to Dometic. We have been a Cruisair Dealer since 2004. 

We Carry the Complete line of Dometic Marine Air Conditioners - Dometic ECD to the Dometic Turbo DTU for Replacement of Cruisair Air Conditioners SXR, SX, SXF.

Cruisair Marine Air Conditioner Replaced by Dometic.

Cruisair® was founded in 1959. 

Acquired by Dometic from Taylor Made Corporation in 2003, Cruisair®  is an important part of the Dometic brand portfolio.

Cruisair® History

Jere Crews started Cruisair® in 1959 and pioneered marine air conditioning in the USA.

Fifty years ago one of the toughest challenges was to develop the technology that would survive the harsh marine environment, as well as compliment other system installations. Cruisair Air Conditioning.

Dometic Turbo DTU

Domeic Turbo DTU

Cruisair® Marine Air Conditioner - Stowaway Turbo | Re-Branded to Dometic Turbo DTU.

Dometic Turbo DTU Marine Air Conditioners are direct replacements for all STX, STQ - Cruisair Marine Air Conditioners.
Dometic Turbo DTU completely revolutionized self-contained cooling and heating with the newest innovations in air conditioning system design.
The best choice for replacing your Cruisair Air Conditioner.
Powerful, quiet and compact with no drain pan worries, the Turbo revolutionized self-contained marine air conditioning with patented innovations. The Dometic Turbo DTU series was recently re-engineered to harness and maximize the impressive performance of R-410A Refrigerant.
R-410A is proven, reliable, and complies with all EPA standards and is accepted world wide.

Dometic ECD Marine Air Conditioners

Dometic ECD

ECD Marine Air Conditioners are available in 6,000, 10,000, and 16,000 BTU cooling/Heat.

Dometic ECD units have high-velocity blowers with internal motors for a more compact installation footprint. The blower can be rotated to a horizontal or vertical position for greater installation flexibility. Units are built on a  stainless-steel drain pan.
ECD units are operated by a compact digital control/display (included) that features a bright green LED and large buttons.
For added installation convenience, the plastic electrical box can be mounted remotely.
ECD kits are ideal for replacing an existing air conditioning system.
The Kit includes the ECD self-contained air conditioning unit and digital control with bezel and is intended to replace an older self-contained air conditioner of comparable capacity. The ECD16K will replace a 12,000 to 16,000 BTU/hr unit.

Dometic RX, Dometic R Condensing unit

Dometic RX Condensing unit

Replacement Condensing units for R-22, R417A


Dometic RX series replace the older Cruisair Air Conditioner - Cruisair®  FX and  J  Cruisair®  series as a direct replacement.  RX10, RX12, RX16, RX20, RX24, RX30, RX36, RX48 

Replacement Cruisair Parts.

circuit board

Parts for Cruisair Air Conditioners

 Replacement OEM parts, Circuit boards, Keypads, Display's for Cruisair Air Conditioning Units.