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We carry the complete line of Dometic Marine Air Conditioners, Dometic Marine Air Conditioning Systems & Parts. 

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Marine Air conditioners for 24' pocket Cruisers to 125' Yachts.

Cruise in comfort with Dometic Marine Air Conditioning Systems.

Dometic is a world-leading supplier of dedicated systems and equipment for pleasure and commercial boats. 

A marriage of innovative design and the highest quality ensures that Dometic Marine

Air Conditioners fulfill and surpass the expectations of the most discerning boat owner.

Dometic Marine Air Conditioners.

Dometic Marine Air Conditioners, Systems and Parts.

Cruisair and Marine Air Systems Replacement parts. Most parts are in stock.

Cruisair keypad with remote

We have  available Online the most common replacement Cruisair Parts, Marine Air Parts -

Cruisair SMXir Keypad, Cruisair SMX II Keypad, A-288D, A-281C, A-282NC Cruisair Circuit boards, Marine Air Passport I/O circuit board, Marine Air Passport I/O Keypad display, Cruisair SMX NET circuit board and Passport II to Passport I/O Retrofit kit.

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Dometic ECD Self Contained Marine Air Conditioners Designed as Replacement units - R410A

Dometic ECD

ECD Dometic Marine Air Conditioners with Retrofit Kit -

Unit, Cable and Control. 

Replaces Most Older Marine Air Systems Air Conditioner units and controls Like - VCD, VCP, VRP and others.

Comes with the New U circuit board, the Passport I/O keypad and the 8 pin Marine air Display cable.

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Top of the Line Dometic Turbo DTU Self Contained Marine Air Conditioners - R410A

Dometic Turbo DTU

Dometic Turbo DTU Marine Air Conditioner - direct replacements for all VTD - Marine Air vector turbo, and STQ, STX - Cruisair stowaway turbo Marine Air Conditioners. Works with Cruisair Smxir,  SmxIIab, Smxht and Q keypad/displays. Also works with Marine Air Passport I/O keypad and Elite.

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Dometic RX Condensing Units

Dometic Cruisair R series

The Dometic RX Condensers -R417A, R-22 - Marine Air Conditioners are a Replacement for Cruisair RX and FX units. 

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Dometic CSD Condensing Units

Dometic Marine Air CSD

The Dometic CSD Condenser -R417A, R-22 is a Replacement for Marine Air CSD units. 

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Dometic CHCG Chiller Series Units

Dometic Marine Air CHC, CHCG

Dometic CHCG Chiller is a Replacement for Marine Air CHC Chiller units.

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Dometic History

Dometic - Pioneering Cooling Solutions Since 1919, Complimented by Einstein.

Dometic enjoy the ocean logo

Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters were two Swedish engineering students with a crazy idea. They were convinced that the best way to create a cooling effect was to use heat. Being so positive of it, they regularly cut class to work on their ideas. After much work, they were able to design a cooling cabinet with no compressor – and no ice. By applying heat to a boiler a cooling agent circulates the system, absorbing heat in order to create a cooling effect. Their cabinet turns out to be the world’s first refrigerator.

In 1923, the cabinet was granted a patent, with even Albert Einstein noticing – calling it a stroke of genius. The manufacturing rights ended up acquired by Electrolux, a growing appliance company, and by the end of WWII, refrigerators had found their way into almost every middle class home. By the 1950’s, in the post war boom, Electrolux was a booming appliance company, and making acquisitions of companies and inventions that just made business sense. Electrolux gave its leisure appliances division a name: Dometic. 

In 2001, Electrolux divested its interests in the leisure market to EQT, a private equity firm. Dometic had to stand on its own feet, which it did by staying true to its roots and relentlessly developing smart, often award-winning solutions in the climate, hygiene, sanitation, food and beverage industries. In 2015, Dometic becomes a public company, its shares trading on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and in 2016 it consolidated all of it’s brands into one single Dometic line. Dometic Marine Air Conditioning Systems & Parts. Dometic Marine Air Conditioners. Cruisair, Marine Air Parts. Dometic Marine Air Conditioning Systems|Parts

Cruisair Marine Air Dometic logo


Starting in 2017, Cruisair and Marine Air are now sold under the brand name Dometic.

Cruisair® was founded in 1959. Acquired by Dometic from Taylor Made Corporation in 2003, Cruisair® is an important part of the Dometic brand portfolio. 

Cruisair® History

Jere Crews started Cruisair® in 1959 and pioneered marine air conditioning in the USA. 

Fifty years ago one of the toughest challenges was to develop the technology that would survive the harsh marine environment, as well as compliment other system installations. 

Marine Air Systems® began building air conditioning systems for boats in 1977. 

Acquired by Dometic from Taylor Made Corporation in 2003, Marine Air is an important part of the Dometic brand portfolio. Dometic Marine Air Conditioning Systems|Parts

Marine Air Systems® History.

Marine Air originated in the garage of Mason Heydt.

Marine Air Systems® became an affiliate of N.A. Taylor in 1977.

This partnership gave Marine Air Systems® access to enormous resources for product research and development. 

As a result of this partnership, in the early 80's the company revolutionized the industry with a self-contained ductable unit which became the cornerstone for the company.

MAS also acquired Grunert Refrigeration at this time, expanding MAS into the refrigeration market.

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