Marine Air Retrofit kits for discontinued circuit boards.

Marine Air Passport II to Passport IO Retrofit kit

RETROFIT KIT - Marine Air Passport II to Passport I/O.

This Marine Air Retrofit Kit Includes: Passport IO circuit board, Black Passport IO compact keypad, Wiring diagram.
Note: Wiring is the same for both Platforms. (There are No wiring changes)
Circuit Boards are the same size.


This Kit is for replacing a Bad Passport II keypad/display or Main circuit board.

It requires changing out the Main circuit board in the electric box of the A/C unit and the Keypad.

Passport II keypads and main circuit boards are DISCONTINUED from the manufacturer.

To Identify a Passport II display You have the following A/C unit:
VCP, CMP, CMCP, CSP, Some VRP units.
Remove Keypad back cover & see Passport II on the circuit board.
Your Keypad has NO Penguin after Logo. 

Marine Air Systems Retrofit kit.

Marine air passport retrofit kit

RETROFIT KIT - Marine Air Passport to Passport I/O.

Passport Retrofit kit.
This Kit is for a bad passport keypad or a bad passport circuit board.

ONLY For circuit boards marked pcb 310 - cabin mate.

Includes: Custom Passport IO circuit board, Passport IO keypad compact and Wiring diagram.

ECU Maxx retrofit kit

Marine Air ECU MAXX Retrofit Kit


Marine Air ECU MAXX Retrofit Kit - By Wright Marine

The FX-2 Control Board is the best retrofit for the legacy ECU-Maxx control board, which is no longer in production.

The included  adapter plate allows mounting of the FX-2 control board and attachment to the  original ECU-Maxx control mounting locations in its Existing electric box. 

The Included Display is identical in size and appearance to the existing display but must be changed out with the Existing old one. 

Also the new Included display cable must be ran and used.


For Marine Air Systems Units: VRX, VHT, CST, CXS, VHX24

ECU MAXX Retrofit Kit Download

Installation Manual

ECU_Maxx_to_FX2_Retrofit kit_2019 (pdf)


Download PDF File to Identify Your Marine Air Controls

The Best way to Identify your Marine Air controls is by the Main circuit board in the electric box on the A/C unit.

Marineairdigitalcontrols (pdf)